Pacific Northwest Nature Photographers Events

Mount Hood in the Fall, October 25th & 26th, 2003

On Saturday, October 25th at 6/6:30AM the Pacific Northwest Nature Photographers will meet at the Hood River Coffee Co. building for the fall Mt Hood/Dalles Mtn Road photo extravaganza.

We will photograph the sunrise on Mt Hood from a field a bit south of Parkdale, then occupy ourselves with fall foliage and a beautiful northwest creek near Laurance Lake. Driving further up the road will give us up close and personal views of Mt Hood. We’ll break for lunch at the Eliot Glacier Brew Pub in Parkdale around noon and regroup at the intersection of the Lost Lake road and Dee Highway around 3pm for the drive to Lost Lake. This will give everyone time to wander around on their own or go take a nap. Once we get to Lost Lake we’ll spend a few hours photographing the beautiful Lake with Mt Hood and fall foliage as a background. After the sun sets at 6, we’ll drive back to Hood River for a group dinner at a restaurant of our choice. This day will involve a little fence hopping and short walks up and down hills above and below the road.

On Sunday we’ll meet at the Park and Ride on the Washington side of the Hood River bridge at 6AM. Drive across the bridge and take a left. The Park and Ride is on the left a little ways down the road. Park your car a bit towards the east end. I’ll have coffee and we’ll drive out to the Dalles Mtn Road. You should already have had breakfast.


The Dalles Mtn Road will be a stark difference for the previous days scenes. Instead of classic northwest forests, streams and mountain we’ll have eastern Washington/Oregon high desert brown rolling hills. We could drive to the top of the Hills and photograph the sunrise on Mt Adams, and then drive back down the road to explore the oak filled rolls and folds of the Hills. We’ll probably see dozens of deer so bring your long lenses. This area will involve fence hopping and a bit of hiking, although, I’ve taken wonderful photos with my tripod set up right on the road!

Places to Stay in Hood River

Comfort Suites 541-308-1000

Best Western 541-386-2200
The Best Western is the full service deal, they have a restaurant and bar and all that stuff.

Riverview Lodge 541-386-8719
Generic but nice and probably the cheapest, I’ll bet the Comfort Suites are the quietest.

Oak St. Hotel 541-386-3845
Nice, only two rooms right now, partially under construction, right next door to a restaurant, no “room service.”

Vagabond Lodge 541-386-2992
Probably the nicest place, easy to get to, right off the highway but quiet, ask for a riverside room, this is where I’d stay.

Hood River Hotel 541-386-1900
Nice, probably on the expensive side, has the best breakfast in town, not my coffee though, right in the downtown area.

Nothing in Hood River is very far from anything else in Hood River so don’t worry about being too far out of town. If any of you are coming with spouses and they will be without a car, I’d suggest the Hood River Hotel, as it is right in the center of town.

If you want dinner in Hood River on Friday night I’d suggest: Abruzzo, real good Italian. Glen, the owner will stop by your table to talk, tell him you know me.

Brian’s Pourhouse, part of “the scene” in Hood River and has great food.

6th St Bistro, another part of the scene, good burgers upstairs, fine dining downstairs.

North Oak Brasserie, Italian food, good wine, quiet, not handicap accessible.

All of these places serve my coffee.

A bagel and coffee type breakfast can be had at the Hood River Bagel Co. on the east end of town. They serve Hood River Coffee Co. Other non-traditional breakfasts that serve our coffee are Jean’s @110 and, right next door, Panzanella.

More traditional breakfast places would be Bette’s or Caroline’s (pretty standard), Hood River Hotel (best), or the restaurant at the Best Western (good). None of these breakfast places serve my coffee (go figure). We’ll go for lunch around noon or one at the Eliot Glacier Brew Pub. They have pub food, good beer and a great view of Mt Hood.

Starting Out

We will be meeting at the Hood River Coffee Co. building at 1310 Tucker Rd (541-386-3908) at 6 AM. I’ll be making coffee and I’ll give a mini tour of the roasting facility. We have a parking lot so we’ll be able to arrange car pools and leave some cars there. Additionally, I have room for three in my car and I could easily go get you.

Directions to the Hood River Coffee Co. Building

  • The main drag in Hood River is Oak St.
  • If you’re staying at the Comfort Suites, Riverview Lodge or the Vagabond, go east on Oak St till you get to 13th St. take a right onto 13th. (actually, west of 13th St. Oak St. is really Cascasde St. so you’d be going east on Cascade St. At 13th St. it becomes Oak St.)
  • If you’re staying a the Best Western, Hood River Hotel or the Oak St. Hotel go west on Oak St till you get to 13th St. take a left onto 13th.
  • 13th St. is a two way street right there but it will change to one way and then back again to two way. It will widen to four lanes and then narrow back down again to two lanes and eventually will become Tucker Rd.
  • After 13th narrows back down to two lanes and becomes Tucker Rd., the road will force you to take a right and then a left.
  • After that left you’ll be about a quarter mile away from the Coffee Co. building. We’re on the right in a big blue metal building.
  • I’ll try to remember to have all the lights on. Park as far back in the parking lot as you can and come on in, I’ll be in there somewhere, making coffee.

The phone number there is 541-386-3908 and my cell is 541-490-8455 in case you get lost and need help.

Final Note

At about 6:30 we’ll caravan to our first spot, now don’t forget, this is Hood River at the end of October, it’ll be cold and we’ll be standing out in a field waiting for the sun to rise. I’ll be wearing a down jacket, hat, gloves and warm boots. I’ll have clothes for later in the day in the car. The drive will be about 20 minutes.

Mark Hudon